COOL_Club gets going in the New Year - Wednesday January 9th - 7:30 PM ET
Happy New Year COOL Club,

Hope you are enjoying a COOL New Year!

We are going to resume COOL_Club activities this Wednesday, January 9th at a new time of 7:30 PM ET.

This year, in general, we are going to try to focus our sessions on going through actual trades. Each week we will try to focus on a particular type of Covered Option and this week we will start with Selling Cash-Secured PUTs.

The educational topics that we have covered several times will be edited down to short videos and will be posted on the bivio COOL_Club website. This will allow new attendees to review this material ahead of watching the live sessions. Then in our sessions we will be able to spend more time on trades.

We are also considering sticking with a fixed time each week. We're going to start with 7:30 PM ET but we're eager to hear your feedback on what works best for you.

Hope you will join us as we get going in the new year. Click here to register for Wednesday's session. Registration link

Paul Madison