COOL_Club for February 6th Cancelled
Due to other items that I have needed to take care of, I have not had time to pull together a Cool_Club for this week. We will plan to get started again next Tuesday February 13th at 7:30 PM ET.

I am really impressed with all the great discussions that have been going on through the COOL_Club discussion list. I encourage all to continue to share in this manner and I will try to do some posting as well.

Look forward to meeting again next week and we can talk about Selling Covered Calls On Stocks.

If you have any stocks in particular you would like to discuss next week feel free to throw them out to the discussion list and we will try to talk about as many of them as possible. If you can, when you put it out to the discussion list, include some of your thoughts about why you are considering selling a Covered Call on the stock. Obviously I think the Covered Call COOL Tool Spreadsheet can help you think through the trade and so you could start there with things to share with the group.

Paul Madison