COOL_Club format and Tonight's Session

Good Morning COOL_Clubbers,

I'd like to change the format for the COOL Club a bit. My spring schedule is very busy and many of us who do this regularly have noticed that it just has not been a very good period for selling options because of low implied volatilities on many of them. Of course, as we have discussed, this translates to not very interesting premiums and or returns on selling options. As always there are some plays out there but they are significantly less than we have been seeing over the last couple of years.

I still believe that in periods of market indecision and angst, selling conservative options is a great way to extract a bit of money out of the market's volatility. However, it would appear that when the market has moved into a period that appears to be a consistent market move in the up direction that it may be a better time to let our core holdings run and enjoy the gains. Nothing moves in only one direction and I am sure we will have volatile markets to play in again in the future.

I'd like to keep a regular dialogue going on the discussion list so that we can help each other by sharing ideas and observations. We'll still plan to do regular webinars when there is a topic that would be interesting for all to explore in more depth, we just won't try to do them every week.

I am very interested in hearing feedback from you on what you've liked about the COOL_Club sessions and any thoughts of what you might like to see going forward. You can provide that feedback through this discussion list at any time. I also thought that tonight, rather than do a presentation, we could have a bit of open house discussion about the market, covered options and any ideas you have about topics for future live sessions or for further discussion on the message list..

I think the work we have done as a group is quite good and a lot of it is already captured and posted on our bivio site. We will be working to get what we've already done up to date so it is available for reference. This provides a great opportunity for newbies to catch up and even for not newbies to review.

Hope you can take a few minutes tonight to come chat with us at the club. You can register now at:

Paul Madison