April COOL_Club newbie webinar on using the OIC Virtual Trading System

Greetings COOL_Clubbers,

We had a very nice open house last night with some great feedback and suggestions for future COOL_club sessions.

One of the common themes that came up several times is how much people appreciated having the Options Industry Council's free Virtual Trading System as a place to practice trading options before they started doing them with real money.

In response to a request from last night's participants we are going to do a live demonstration of how to setup an OIC Virtual Trading System Account and then use it to place some trades. The session will be Wednesday April 24th at 2:00PM EDT. The time was set so that the market will be open and we can make live trades.

If you are still new to selling covered options and have not tried practicing with the Virtual Trading System, I hope you will join us at this session and learn how to get started.

The registration link is up at COOL_Club and is:

Please pass the word to other potential newbies so they can learn how to use this wonderful resource.

Paul Madison