Buy Write Trading
Hi Clubbers,

I don't remember who, but per the conversation about Buy Write Covered Call Trading, this site has a lot of information - The Blue Collar Investor. Here is a link to eight free (you have to hand over your email address and you know what that means!) web videos on the subject.

Alan Ellman is making it his business to sell you information about how to make Covered Call trades - so expect just enough information to lead you to believe you should buy his products and subscription service. I bought his "Complete Encyclopedia" and I have to give his writing style a 3 star review... meh. Information is solid, but the character development and dialog is lacking significant depth. Strategy appears sound and he professes satisfactory gains using his system. He has a blog that is free too where he answers questions and describes trading characteristics.

I don't know if B-W trading is a profitable venture for those of us who are reaping the rewards of Value Investing with conservative option frosting. It looks like it requires a minimum of $50,000 and a few hours every week to implement. When ever someone tells you that it requires a "minimum", you should automatically hear "you'll get minimum results"... like "your PC requires the minimum of 2Gb of ram" = it will operate at minimums on 2Gb of ram. So I assume that you can achieve minimum results with these criteria.

Buyer beware! He'd like you to buy lots of stuff! The upside, if you were able to implement his program, you could potentially pay off the debt in a month or two of conservative trading. Downside... CDs and DVDs make great scare crow devices in a garden and books burn well in the fire.