YNDX trade... almost
Hi Clubbers,

Just wanted to toss out a grateful thank you to Paul for his spreadsheet and videos.

I've been trading calls and puts this year and have been doing very well and really, really appreciate the "in your cash or in your stock" cycle that covered options affords you. I just calculated my risk on four positions and laughed because I was in cash on two and in a stock I want on two... Ha! Calculate your risk on a naked put on SPY and it gets scary fast!

Yandex is the Yahoo of Russia. I got into a position based upon a newsletter recommendation. I'm sitting on about 30% in less than six months. So... write a call and capture my gains. I ran my spreadsheet and wowza, I could get a whopping big net:

STO 2x Aug13 29.00 C @ 1.60, apr 51%, net $310.30! (stock was at 27.82 when I ran through the spreadsheet).

WARNING... too high. Quick mouse click "next earnings date" and... bingo - Earnings come out Jul 25th. So taking this position is a no go.

Trip forward a few days to today and... YNDX is pushing up into the 30s and the option is at 1.85. I'll wait and see if this rally has some legs and possibly, possibly mind you, take a trade on YNDX in the 32s or 33s.

Thanks Paul, you're little spreadsheet just made my day!