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Crow River Investment Club

Welcome to the northwest suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our members represent a wide
range of backgrounds yet we are united in a single purpose: to educate ourselves by investing in
growth stocks for the long term. Our members strive to meet our model club goals by
regularly participating in meetings, using club-approved stock selection tools and contributing
to the educational welfare of the club. We are always interested in finding new members
who share our work ethic and enthusiasm for growth stock investing.

Interested in learning more about our club? Read our New Member Prospectus
 in the Newcomer's section. Care to attend one of our meetings? Have
questions? Please contact Lynn, our webmistress. Enjoy!

Club Documents:

   Partnership Agreement
   Operating Procedures
   Meeting Rules
   Standard Agenda
   Proxy Form
   Quarter Stock Report Form
   Quarterly Stock Report Schedule
   Meeting & Stock Presentation Schedule

Clubhouse Matters:

   Roster of Members
   Minutes of the Meetings

   Club Chat Room
   Club Polling Booth 


   Club Holdings Dashboard on Manifest
   New Club Portfolio formats coming!  


Please Read First: We have posted our education materials on this website for the benefit of our members.  We are willing to share them as long
as you respect our request not to upload them to another public website or change them for the purpose of teaching for-profit classes (without permission). However, you may copy and use them for your club. Link! Don't Steal!                                                                Enter Here

Miscellaneous Club Folders:

Our Bivio storage page is where our members
upload stock reports, SSGs, and other work in progress. Most folders are open to the public. 
                                                   Enter Here

Catch-All Corner:

Miscellaneous Documents:
   S&P Global Industry Classifications
   S&P Diversification Worksheet
Value Line Diversification Worksheet
   Modified Rule Maker Criteria
   Buffettology - How He Does It

   Value Line Long-Term Stock Market Growth Chart

Favorite Club Websites:
   Moose Pond Investors
   Happy Destiny Investment Club
   Women's Investment Network
   Wild Capital Investment Club
   IAG Investment Analysis Group
   Bob Adam's Personal Website
   Florida Space Coast Chapter Toolkit Tips

Club Directories:
   Bivio Directory of Club Home Pages
   SSIC Club Directory Investment Club Webring
   Investment Club Webring
Mutual Funds:
   Amy B. Crane Website

Members' Only:

   Club Annual Reports
   Manifest Materials
   Analyst Reports


Joining our Club:
   New Member Prospectus
   Club Application

Helpful Websites and Articles:
   Manifest Investing - A Strategy for Success
   Bivio - Investment Club Hub & Club Accounting
   Kingsoft - Stock/Portfolio Analysis Software - Free
   IClub - Stock/Portfolio Analysis Software - PC
   Churr - Stock/Portfolio Analysis Software - MAC  
   Intro to Investment Clubs - Motley Fool
   Intro to Investment Clubs - Investopedia
   Investment Clubs and the SEC
   So You Want to Start an Investment Club?
Everyone is an Equal Partner (And why that     
      doesn't work
) - provided by Herb Barnett

When the Wrong Member Joins Your Club

Books Our Club Recommends:
   Take Stock by Ellis Traub (great for beginners!)
   Investment Clubs for Dummies by Doug Gerlach
   The Beardstown Ladies book series
   The Investment Club Book by John Wasik
   Investment Clubs by Kathryn Shaw
   One Up On Wall Street by Peter Lynch
   Beating The Street by Peter Lynch
   Common Stocks Uncommon Profits by P.A. Fisher
   How to Read a Financial Report by John A. Tracy
   How the Economy Works by Edmund A. Mennis
   Online Investing Hacks by Bonnie Biafore
   Wall Street Words by David L. Scott (dictionary)
   Club Favorite! *The Five Rules for Successful Stock
      Investing by Pat Dorsey of Morningstar*
   (Some books might be out of circulation.  Check
   your library, used books stores or Ebay.  They
   are all worth it!)

Research on the Web:

General Websites:
   SEC Filings - Edgarscan
   Historical Prices - Motley Fool (Chart|Historical)
   Historical Prices - Yahoo! Finance (Hist. Prices)
   5-Yr. Earnings Estimates - Yahoo! Finance
   5-Yr. Earnings Estimates - MSN Money 
   Financial Research - MSN
   Financial Research - Reuters
   Competitors - Hoover's
   Competitors - Smart Money
   Direct/Drip Investing - Moneypaper
   Conference Calls - Company Board Room

Industry Websites:
Industry Research - Yahoo! Finance
   Industry Research - Executive Library
   Industry Research - Financial Times
   Industry News - Yahoo Finance
   Industry News - MSN
   Industry Comparisons - Reuters
   Charts by Industry - Big Charts

   Industry Averages -
   How to Research - Polson Enterprises
   How to Research - Darden Camp Library
   How to Research -
   How to Research - Hofstra University

   Retail/Same Store Sales - Retail Forward
   Banking News -  

Just For the Fun of It!
   Value Pro (calculates Intrinsic Value of a stock)
   VectorVest (detailed stock analysis - free sign up)
   GuruAnalysis - (free stock analysis)
   The Corporate Library Governance Blog

One-Stop-Shop Super Sites:
   Wall Street Executive Library
   Trader's World

Join Lynn, Aug. 8-10

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