Humpty Dumpty Deja Vu
<b>Resolution Season</b>

In the world of investment clubs, we've often wondered where
we'd be if we didn't have each other to lean on. In the
following article, we took a look at the reinforcement (and
triage) that we often find when investment clubs gather
around a discipline of patience and group study.

If your 2010 resolutions include forming and honing your
stock analysis skills, we offer you a Christmas-sized
opportunity and invitation to explore. For the next several
days, we'll be taking a closer look at the (40) most
widely-followed companies by MANIFEST subscribers.

It quite literally is an opportunity to independently form
your own conclusion about whether to buy, hold or sell a
company like Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) or General Electric
(GE) ... cast your vote ... and see how your analysis stacks
up against the community consensus.


If you're not a MANIFEST subscriber, we invite you to create
a trial account and explore. Your trial period lasts for
(60) days and is fully functional. Create a dashboard,
conduct a StockSearch and determine whether MANIFEST might
contribute to your investing efforts.

Merry Christmas!

Mark Robertson