Moving the Cheese

This month's session featured an all-ladies investment club
from the upper Midwest. (You can guess the state from the
slides.) :)

The powerpoint is attached.

The club partners are capable and the portfolio is strong,
achieving a relative return of +2.2% over the trailing five
year period. Based on our scoring system (relative return,
quality and projected return) the club earns a "91" or top
decile rating -- essentially an "A" performance.

Their portfolio provides an example where required gains in
overall PAR are literally only achievable by seeking
opportunity outside the portfolio. (Strayer Education is
the only holding in the sweet spot.)

Reminder: We're going to deliver these Dashboard Diagnostic
sessions every month on the third Wednesday at 8 PM (ET) and
we'll have a few Saturday morning specials along the way.
If you'd like your club to be considered for the review, let
me know at And yes, we allow
clubs to participate under a veil of anonymity for the
bashful or members of witness protection programs.

Mark Robertson