Dinero Diablos: Deja Vu
It's only been a few months since we visited with the Dinero
Diablos during a Dashboard Diagnostics session back in

Thursday night we'll take a look back at what we said and
did ... knowing full well that an investment advisor had
suggested that they sell their Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) and
Procter & Gamble (PG) while remaining silent on the highest
AND lowest potential return stocks in the portfolio -- while
talking about all of the rest of their holdings?

This was one of our more popular Dashboard Diagnostics
sessions and you're invited to join us while we take a
closer look, delving for potential lessons to be learned.
(We think we see a lesson/guideline with respect to high-PAR
stocks during frothy markets ...)

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This portfolio design and management discussion series is
brought to you by Manifest Investing and bivio -- as we take
a look at actual portfolios and investing experiences of
investment clubs. We'll examine overall portfolio
characteristics and most likely will rake an individual
holding or two across the coals. We'll also demonstrate a
search-and-acquire mission based on the needs dictated by
the actual portfolio.

Due to popular demand, our session with the Dinero Diablos
is being repeated. Tune for one of our favorite (and most
popular) Dashboard Diagnostics sessions to date.

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Date: Thursday, August 26, 2010

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