bivio dozen (11/26/2010)
The bivio dozen has been updated at:

These are the stocks with MANIFEST rankings of 100 ...
essentially the top 1% among the companies that we follow
based on the combination of projected return (PAR) and
quality rating. Companies are "bumped" when they're no
longer rated 100.

For emphasis (see October cover story) ... we also limited
the field to companies with Value Line low total return
forecasts of at least 13%.
(Subscribers and active trial accounts only)

The bivio dozen selections have an accuracy rating (percent
outperforming the Wilshire 5000) of 68.6% since September


Microsoft (MSFT) (Returning)* (CTRP) (Returning)
Teva Pharma (TEVA)

Neutral Tandem (TNDM) and American Public Education (APEI)
delivered fairly solid performance over the last couple of

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Happy Thanksgiving (and Black Friday) everybody!