bivio dozen for december
Every year at MANIFEST, we've featured some sort of
countdown during the holiday season. For 2010, we'll take a
closer look at a dozen companies endorsed by Santa's elves
(some of the hardest workers on the planet) as worthy of
further study during this holiday season.

We'll visit twelve of the best stock shopping ideas over the
next several days as we build out and transfigure our bivio
dozen for December.

Reminder -- You can access the current shopping (study) list
at any time at:

Every study will include a variety of trappings including
things such as EAGLEs, Chronicles, charts and company
imagery (particularly if it's festive).

Rules of engagement: We'll be shopping for companies that
rank highly (near the top of all stocks in our 2600+ stock
universe) based on the combination of their projected annual
return (PAR) and quality rating. No naughty stocks need
apply. We'll disregard any stocks with sell ratings or
price-to-fair value ratios greater than 100%. Why? Because
we can ... and there are a number of suitable targets for
further study out there right now.

Now ... where's that partridge so we can get started?

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