MANIFEST Educational Sessions
Linda Lee asked: "I forgot where the link is to videos of
past Manifest Investing meetings. I thought that the link
was on the Club Cafe page but can't find it there."

Thanks for the question, Linda.

Laurie does archive some of the sessions (she'll be posting
the MANIFEST educational segment from the March Club Meeting
Meeting after she finishes memorizing the Tax Code.)

Just kidding ... but it is tax season and she keeps talking
about needing a few more hours in the day. I, for one, am
really glad that bivio supports investment clubs in the
world class manner that it does and that BAGS FLY FREE.

MANIFEST subscribers (and active trial accounts) know that
we archive powerpoints and YouTube videos fairly often in
our Forum for our Dashboard Diagnostics and Round Table
sessions. The Challenge Club meetings aren't recorded very
often but we do keep "minutes" and a running log in the

We're also learning our way around Facebook. We've started
filing/posting the YouTube versions of the sessions here:

This is a pretty cool page. Explore Hugh's remarks about
cavemen, campfires and Vulcan retirement villages on Earth
in the February Round Table event shown ... and spend a few
moments with the Beardstown Ladies portfolio in the
Dashboard Diagnostics session from February.

Other sessions and presentations can be gleaned from the
"Wall" at the MANIFEST Facebook page, i.e. our tutorial/tour
of the Equity Analysis Guide ... and, NO, Virginia, you DO
NOT have to be a registered Facebook user to take advantage
of these pages and discussions.

If you have trouble finding a session or want something
specific, let me know at