option volume--buy or sell? wrote:
Hi there,

Hope you might be able to help me with this question. Is
there a place to find out how much of the volume on options
is buying or selling?

Thanks in advance

Hi Annie,  
As far as I know, the information is collected, but those who collect it consider it to be proprietary and do not sell the information.  They collect that data by determining how much of the volume occurs at the 'bid' price and how much at the 'ask' price.  
I'm sorry, but I just don't have access to the information you seek.  But here's what I believe is important for you:
It does not matter.  For example, if someone buys 1,000 calls you might assume that person is taking a bullish position,.  But, you never know if there is any hedge.  If that call buyer is selling 100,000 shares of stock short, then that 'bullish' call buyer is really taking a bearish position.  The point is you can never know if an option buyer is making a straight play, or if the options are being used as a hedge.  Sometimes a really bearish investor buys calls - to make it look as if someone who is bulish ahs some inside information, hoping that others will see the call purchase and bid up the stock price.  Then, our bearish call buyer sells stock short to complete the bearish hedge.    
Best regrards,  

Mark D. Wolfinger 
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