Questions & Answers

Jul 12, 2010

Questions and Answers

I cover a lot of different topics in my Options for Rookies blog, and to me, the most attractive feature is the conversations I have with readers.  Questions are answered in detail and various ideas are presented for discussion.

I've been replying to questions at for six years.  Some of these questions gave me ideas for blog posts, so thanks to all who posted questions. 

The point is that I'm asking for questions.  They may relate to options or perhaps something that may help your investment club use options more effectively.  If questions are not your thing, feel free to offer any comments.  If you have something to share about this series of posts, please offer comments - both positive and negative.

When bivio and I decided to make a combined effort to help visitors learn more about options, we hoped to attract readers who did more than read the posts.  We were, are still are, looking for interaction with you.

Have a question?  Please post it.

Good trading.

Mark D Wolfinger

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