What spreadsheets or programs (e.g., Quicken) are best?

I've recently started writing covered calls and I am pleased with the results. I'm not pleased with the market right now, but that's another story.

What record keeping programs or spreadsheets do you recommend. I'd like to learn more about options and move into using LEAPS, spreads, etc. so something that can
handle more complex strategies would be great.

Thank you.


Hi Joe,

I have not used the following, but I am told that this download provides FREE software to do exactly what you want it to do:

Covered call writing is a wonderful strategy, especially for people who are first learning about options.  But there are other strategies that offer better downside protection than writing covered calls and which also provide the opportunity to do just as well when the markets rally.  If you are interested in learning about them, I describe (in detail) five such strategies in my new book, The Rookie's Guide to Options.


Mark D. Wolfinger
The Rookie's Guide to Options:
The Beginner's Handbook of Trading Equity Options