Acquisition of MGM
With the recent completion of the acquisition of MGM by SONY, COMCAST and
the other partners what happens now for current shareholders of MGM?

1. Will MGM shares stop being traded on the open markets?
2. Do current MGM shareholders receive shares in any of the other
companies (SONY, COMCAST)?
3. Or is it just that minor MGM shareholders will only receive the proceeds
of the US$12 cash, per share?

Please enlighten me!
F. C.

Dear FC,
MGM shares no longer trade
MGM shareholders receive cash - $12 per share. They receive NO stock in the
acquiring company.
All shareholders are treated in the same way.
You did not ask, buy pursuant to OCC rules, each Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer option
contract will be adjusted, so that upon exercise, the exerciser receives
$1,200 in cash.