Options Education
Sep 17, 2010
Options Education

Education: Activities that impart knowledge or skill.

When I work with investors or write blog posts and books, my objective is for the reader to learn something he/she does not already know, thereby adding to his/her knowledge.

So what do I mean - to teach something you don't already know?  Here are some examples that appear frequently in my writings:

  • Explaining something from a different perspective
  • Including extra details, just in case they can provide a better understanding
  • Including information to answer questions before they are asked
  • Explaining the rationale behind my opinions. Trade ideas, plus 'why it's true'
  • Outlining a philosophy based on common sense, and not on traditional rules
  • Being willing to take a minority stance - but always telling readers when most others have a different point of view
  • Encouraging readers to think for themselves before making decisions
  • Continuously stressing the importance of risk management
  • Explaining that choosing a good trading strategy is just the beginning
  • Why trading near-term (front-month) options is more risky that it appears
  • Why it's easier to make money by selling, and not buying, option premium
  • Why selling naked short options is too risky for most traders (unless you sell puts with the intention of owning stock)
When posting at, I tried to use material suitable for the true beginner.  If you have a interest in more advanced content, please let me know by sending email to know_your_options (at) bivio (dot) com.

Mark D Wolfinger

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