hi mark,

who is mary travers?  :-)  and, why do you prefer trading RUT
over other indices eg. QQQQ? (do you really trade RUT only?)


Hi Deb,

Mary Travers was part of Peter, Paul & Mary.  I'm just going to assume you have heard of them.  Sigh.

It's not that I have a big preference for RUT, but I prefer to trade a bunch of different positions in a single underlying.  By doing so, I find it much easier to manage position risk because there is only a single set of Greeks to follow - instead of a set of Greeks for each underlying.

I want cash-settled options, so I chose an index.

I'd prefer to trade SPX, but find the markets too wide and it takes my broker too long to let me know about being filled on my orders.
RUT is more volatile than the others, but at least it satisfies my other needs.


Mark D. Wolfinger

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