Options Charts
Hi Mark,

Where can one see a chart of price & volume & open interest for a particular option over time?

I'm trying to track how an option price changes over time in relation to the underlying price and also - how open interest changes in relation to volume.

I've looked everywhere for such a chart - it seems easy enough to create; for any given day it would show the high, low & close price along with the volume for that day and the open interest.



Hi Ken,

Yes, it would be easy to create, but I've neither seen nor heard of such a chart.

The first think I want you to know is that 'end of day' data does not show the OI you want to see.  The open interest is updated only once per day - and that is overnight/  It's available before the market opens the next day.  Thus, it's the tomorrow morning's OI that goes with today's data.

My only suggestion is to ask the Options Clearing Corporation:
They maintain the OI data and may have a source for you.  I'm sorry, but I simply have no idea.    This is where they list total open interest every day (you can subscribe by e-mail).  Ask if they supply the same data per option series.


Mark D. Wolfinger

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