Starting a club
Hi, I hope you are all doing well. I am writing to ask for a
little help. I have some friends and we all want to kick in
and start an investors club. I have no idea what legalities
are involved. Do I need to get certified as a financial
planner? We will be investing abroad in private companies
but also domestically. Any help would be very much
appreciated. My e mail is Thank you!!!

Hello Jeff,

If you are organizing a group of investors, and if each of you has a say on which securities are bought and sold, then none of you has to become certified, approved, or pass any tests.  You are merely investors, joining forces.  By pooling your money and by contributing investment ideas for discussion, you are benefiting equally from the formation of a group.

Don't forget Bivio - they can be of help with the bookkeeping chores.

Best of luck with your venture.