What is the return?
Hi Mark.

If you put on a credit spread, eg. buy a ABC July $570 call for $1.60, and sell a ABC July $560 call for $2.63, and both expire worthless, how do you calculate your return in percentage terms (what number goes into the denominator)?


Hello Deb,

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As you know your return on investment depends on the amount invested.

When trading credit spreads, there is no 'investment' per se.  But, you have money at risk - and that amount is your investment.

Thus, the return = profit / money at risk.

In your example, return = $103 / $897

You sold a 10-point spread, and the maximum value that spread can achieve is 10 points, or $1,000.  You collected $103 for the spread - making your maximum loss $897.

To provide a more accurate number, include commissions in the calculation.  Thus the numerator is $103, less commissions.  You can ignore the cost of closing the spread right now, but be aware of the commissions involved because you may want to exit the trade by paying a low price, and that $103 can disappear in trading costs if your commissions are too high.

Mark D. Wolfinger

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