AccountSync Schwab setup

If your club uses Schwab as your broker, these are the steps you need to take to get AccountSync set up.

  1. Grant Secure Limited Access to bivio from within your Schwab Account

    Log into the Schwab website and find the "Service" tab up top. Then click on the "Security Center" link and scroll down to "Third Party Access...". Click on the Enable button and Save.

  2. Set Up AccountSync in bivio

    Enter your brokerage login information by selecting the "Info" link next to your brokerage account on the Accounting>Accounts page:


    That will open a page that looks like this. In the bottom section select "Charles Schwab via Yodlee" from the menu.


    Select the "Link Account" button.


    This page will open. Enter your brokerage login UserID and password and click Submit.


    If all is well, you will be taken back to the Info page and you will need to add in your Schwab Account number.


    Select OK to confirm. If your information is correct, you will get a confirmation message and AccountSync will work to bring in transactions the next day.

    If you are just starting with bivio, make sure you have opening balance information or your first member payment entry made in that account and AccountSync will begin to pull in transactions each day after that.

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