Updating Your Password

If you change your login information at your brokerage, don't forget to update it in bivio.

You'll find the form you use to update it by selecting the "Info" link next to your brokerage account on the Accounting>Accounts page:


The form looks like this:


Choose your broker from the list and then enter the Login ID, password and Account number you use to access your brokerage account online.

Special notes :

Passwords are case sensitive. The password Gold is different from GOLD. Make sure you enter your password using the correct case for any letters in it.

After Information Entered :

Once you fill in all the information above, select OK to process the form. If the information is all good, you will be returned to the Accounting>Accounts list. If not, you will receive an error message.

Problems Later :

If we have a problem at any time in the future with a password you have entered, we will deactivate your AccountSync link, send you an email and put a notice that looks like this at the top of your club pages:

Most of the time this happens because you have changed the login information for your brokerage, but have forgotten to update it in bivio.


Click on the link that says "Enter your AccountSync brokerage", to open the form where you can update your information.

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