Change of Club Address or Change of Responsible Party

If your club has changed either your club's mailing address or your club's responsible party, your club is required to inform the IRS within 60 days of the change using Form 8822-B.

Click this link to go to Form 8822-B

Your club's address reported on the IRS Form 8822-B needs to agree with the club address on your club's tax return (recorded in bivio in Administration>Info) and also with your club's address listed by your broker. Spell out as many words as possible. Keeping the addresses in sync is important for IRS acceptance of your club's e-filed tax return.

For address changes, check box 1 and complete lines 4a, 4b, 5 and 6, and sign and date.

Your club's responsible party was originally identified on your EIN application. To change the responsible party, check box 1 and complete lines 4a, 4b, 8 and 9, and sign and date.

You can change both the mailing address and the responsible party on the same form.

Form 8822-B must be mailed to the IRS. It cannot be e-filed. Find your IRS mailing address in "Where to File" at the bottom of the form.

Page 2 of the form has detailed instructions.

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