Like most websites, bivio uses Cookies for security purposes. Cookies are the way we identify you and make sure that only you can access your records in our database. We also use cookies to track unique visitors.

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What's a Cookie?

A cookie is a small amount of information stored on your computer for the purpose of identifying your login information. Our servers send your browser the cookie when you visit, login, or register. Your browser sends back this information every time you click on a link, a button, or type in a URL that points to

There are two types of cookies: permanent (stored in a disk file) and temporary (stored in your computer's memory). Temporary (or per-session) cookies go away when you exit your browser. Permanent cookies are written to disk by your browser. bivio uses both types of cookies to give you the highest quality service.

Are Cookies Secure?

Each website has its own cookies. Your browser only returns the cookies which came from our site. Cookies from are only returned to's servers. We take the extra precaution of encrypting the contents. Even if another site could get our cookies, they wouldn't be able to read any information.

Where Can I Learn More?

Our cookies have been through intensive Freudian analysis and still feel misunderstood by the world. We'd like to set the record straight. Please help stamp out cookie biases by informing yourself at the following sites:

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