Creating New Accounts

For each account your club maintains at a financial institution (brokerage, bank, etc.), you should have a separate account on the Accounting>Accounts page. You should track the transactions for each real account in their respective bivio accounts.

You may also sometimes need accounts for temporarily tracking certain types of accounting transactions. For example, temporary or "suspense" accounts such as "Pending Withdrawals" or "Reimbursements" accounts can be used to record member withdrawals and reimbursements of members with units. You also create them by following the instructions below.

A club officer may create a new account as needed by clicking on the Create New Account button found on the Account Summary page.


Enter the Name of the new account and indicate whether the interest paid on your cash balance is Tax Free Interest.

If you will be using AccountSync with the account, fill in the brokerage login information. If not, leave those fields blank.

Once an account has been created, this information may be modified at any time by clicking on the Info link next to its name on the Account Summary page.


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