Getting Ready For Investment Club Tax Season - End of Year Tasks

What your investment club should think about and address before the end of the calendar year to get ready to prepare your tax forms.

Here are the Presentation Handouts


Note that the videos below are for a prior tax year, but, other than dates, it is still relevant for 2020 tax year taxes.

  • Part 1 - What you need to file, the process you'll use and key timeline points you'll be working with.

  • Part 2 - Getting started. Verifying your records. Audit overview. Checking your cost basis. 1099's

  • Part 3 - Keep your club record keeping simple. Cost basis method. Issues with DRIP investing. Problem investments.

  • Part 4 - CPAR - Centralized partnership audit regime.

  • Part 5 - Things to address prior to the end of the calendar year.

  • Part 6 - Summary and sources of help

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