Filing Your Investment Club Taxes

Here is what you need to do to file your investment club tax forms for 2017.

Make sure to:

  1. Send in all the forms included in the "Complete Club Tax Packet" except any withdrawal reports. You need to make sure those get to the appropriate members.
  2. Sign the front page of the 1065
  3. Confirm all member addresses and social security numbers are entered correctly on all K-1 forms and social security numbers are shown for each member on Schedule B-2 if it is part of your return.
  4. Confirm Name, address, phone and Social security number are correct if you have identified a partnership representative at the bottom of page 3 of form 1065.
  5. Send in forms Certified mail with a return receipt requested
  6. Print out a copy for your club files or store a PDF copy in your bivio Files area so you have a way to know in the future exactly what was on the forms you sent in.

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