"Penny" Payments

When a deposit is made in your brokerage account, AccountSync tries to figure it out based on the information the brokerage provides. It is easy to figure out things like dividends so AccountSync goes ahead and makes all the correct bivio entries for those.

For other deposits, there is no identifying information in the brokerage file so they come into bivio as Credits you need to "Identify".

One example is, of course, your member payments.

If each member puts a different penny amount at the end of their payment, bivio can help you identify those entries quickly by "learning" whose payment is whose. You will still need to identify member payment credits but if you use the little drop down menu on the transaction to open the Multiple Payments screen to do so,

bivio will "learn" after the first time you make the entries, whose payment amounts belong to who and it will fill them in appropriately.

All you have to do is to double check the amounts quickly to make sure they are correct, confirm the valuation date at the top of the form and click OK to complete the entries. It's much quicker than having to type in the amounts each time.

This only works with the Multiple Payments screen so you should select it to make your entries, even if there is only a single payment to record.

Added Bonus!

In the rare case where a member payment does not make it to your brokerage account, you'll be able to quickly tell whose payment is missing.

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