Preparing Your Investment Club Taxes

This presentation discusses all the steps you need to follow to prepare your annual investment club tax returns.

You can download a PDF of the presentation here.


(Other than dates, 2018 videos are still applicable)

  • Intro - What you need to file, the process you'll use and key timeline points you'll be working with.

  • Step 1 - This video describes briefly the importance and process of doing an audit to make sure your bivio records are ready to be used to prepare taxes.

  • Step 2 - In this step, dividend entries in bivio are checked against the brokers 1099 and any last minute adjustments are made.

  • Step 3 - In this step, cost basis and capital gain/loss in bivio are checked against the brokers 1099 and any discrepancies are resolved.

  • Step 4 - In this step, you take a tax interview to answer some final questions needed to generate your tax club tax return and member K-1's.

  • Steps 5 and 6 - In these steps you generate your tax returns and review the information that has been entered on them. Information is also provided about state tax requirements and filing your return.

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