Registering Your Club

To start with bivio and set up your first club, you need to register it using the form below.

All you need to provide is your email address and your name. You will receive a 3 month totally free, totally functional trial before you need to decide whether you want to pay for and continue your subscription.

Since you are the person registering, you will be the club administrator. You will be the person who controls who can access the club. The rest of your club members will set up their login credentials by following instructions they will receive in an email invitation you will send them later.

Note If you are not trying to set up a club, but want to access an existing club, contact your club administrator for the information you'll need to do so. Do not fill in any club information on this form.

(If you are already a member of another club, and you want to set up additional clubs, see Note 1 below.)

You can use the registration form below or use this link to open a full page form in another window. Instructions for filling in the form are shown below:

  1. Club Information - Put in the full name of the club you are registering and the zipcode of the official address of the club. The club name can contain as many spaces as you like but should not be longer than 100 characters. If you haven't selected a name yet, make something up. You can edit it later and change it. Your club name will appear on your club IRS forms and should match the spelling used when you obtained your EIN number.

  2. Personal Information - Enter your Name, Email, and select a Password for yourself.

    Your email address will be used as the unique identifier on your account. You cannot register two people with the same email address. If you already have a club set up under your email address, use the instructions below 1 to set up an additional club.

    The password is for your use only. Do not give it to other club members. They will select their own passwords when they register. Enter your password twice to confirm it. Passwords are case sensitive and they cannot be longer than 30 characters.

  3. Regular Bulletins - Receive updates on bivio features and services. We will communicate with you through email. Leave this box checked to stay informed about what is happening at bivio. You'll receive notices about our regular webinars, regular tips for running your club and notification about any changes to your subscription. Uncheck this box if you do not want to receive this information.

    Your name and email address are never made available by us to bivio visitors or members of other clubs.

  4. Submit - Click the Register button at the bottom to submit your information. This also means you agree to bivio's Terms of Service.

    This completes your registration. You'll see a page welcoming you to bivio and letting you know the ClubID, club email address and website link for your new club. You'll also receive an email containing this information. You'll be able to continue setting up your club, or come back later to finish.

Note 1: If you already belong to a bivio club, you can register additional clubs under the login credentials you have already set up. Click on the drop down arrow next to your club name in the top right corner of your screen. Select "My Site" and then Clubs. Use the create club button you'll see to set up your additional club.

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