Site Security

We work hard to earn your trust. Even though we handle accounting information, not money, our infrastructure is similar to what your brokerage or bank offer. Our company policies are also designed to preserve your privacy and safety online.

We are very concerned about your data. We maintain your data using a sophisticated backup system. Our main computers reside in a secured 7x24 facility with manned video, battery backup, fire suppression, and diesel generator. The computers and disks have redundant power, fans, and cabling. The database is configured with RAID technology and archive logging so that your data is written simultaneously to at least four disks.

We maintain a standby database located 50 miles away connected via an independent ISP. In the event of a catastrophic failure, we can bring your data back on-line rapidly via this redundant connection. In addition, all data is archived on a nightly basis.

All critical data such as EINs, SSNs, account numbers, passwords, and credit card numbers are stored in our database in an encrypted format.The key to decrypt these numbers is known by only two persons. Our servers must be started by one of these individuals who must enter this key manually.

Please read Safe & Private For more information about our privacy policy. .