Taking Members Offline

What is an offline member?

Offline members of a bivio club are the same as online members in terms of partnership accounting. The differences are in access to the club, namely:

  • Offline members do not receive mail messages sent to your <your-club-id>

  • Offline members cannot access the club's site to view accounting, read messages, share

    files, update their personal information, etc.

A member who is offline in one club can be online as a bivio user and in other clubs.

How do I take a member offline?

To take a member offline simply click the 'take offline' link to the right of their entry in the roster. You will be asked to confirm that this is what you want to do.

Any normal club member can take themself offline. Members who have Administrator level privileges (see help Changing Privileges) can take other members offline. They can only take themselves offline if there is at least one other member with administrator level privileges.

Can an offline member become online?

Yes, once a member is offline, all you need to do to bring them online is click the link 'bring online' to the right of their entry in the club roster. You will be prompted to send them an invite which they will need to respond to in order to become on online member of the club.