Amortizing Expenses
Aaron wrote.....
 My club has expenses for our post office box which are paid twice a year. We also have interest income from our money market account. It seems that our membership is being hit unfairly during these times when we look at the member tax allocation report. For example a new member joins the club just after we pay for the expense and basically gets a free ride on that expense (but claims ownership of the interest income) for the next 5 months. Is there any way to amortize the expense over the six month period? Or do we just let them ride for the five months and not worry about it?
I would probably recommend the latter.  More than likely the bill is probably small, so rather than doing some creative accounting  I would just let the new member ride for the remainder of the 6 months.
Having said that, there is a way that you could amortize the expense over 6 months using the bivio software.   Here's how....  Divide the amount of the post office box expense by 6 (the number of months it needs to be amortized over).   Then, when the bill is paid, simply enter a cash transfer from the cash account used to pay the bill to the Suspense Account.  Then enter an expense equal to 1/6th of the post office box bill each month.  When you enter these expense transactions into bivio be sure to use the Suspense Account as the source of the funds to pay the expense rather than the account that the bill was actually paid for.   At the end of the 6 months the balance in the Suspense Account, assuming no other transactions, will be zero and the account actually  used to pay the expense will reconcile throughout the period.
A word of caution, however.   If you decide to get this creative be sure that any amounts entered in this manner are fully amortized by the end of the year.   Otherwise, you run the risk of getting involved with accrual based accounting to the extent that you are reporting expenses for tax purposes in a year other than the year that they were actually incurred and paid.   Not a good idea for clubs operating under the cash accounting method.
One last point.   Now that bivio offers a club the capability to create additional cash accounts, if you really wanted to get fancy, you could create a new cash account called "Post Office Box Advanced Payments" and use it as described above but instead of the Suspense Account.  
Thanks for the great question and thanks for using bivio!
Jerry Dressel
St.Louis, Missouri