Signing your club's application for a tax ID number.
Corey recently asked....
 I am in the process of setting up a club.  We are organized and well on our way.  We have a partnership agreement written up that was recently signed by all partners.  Our next step is to fill out the tax id form.

My question is, do ALL of the partners name's need to be on the tax id form?  Or should the officer's names and partnership name only be on it?
No, according to the directions accompanying Federal Form SS-4 Application for an EIN,  the form must be signed only by a single "responsible and duly authorized member or officer having knowledgeable of its affairs, if the applicant is a partnership..."      Clearly as a founder of your club you would meet that criteria.     If needed, you can download/print a copy of the form directly from bivio at
 Also, we have members from different states.  does this have any impact on the way we apply for a tax id?
No.   The  club's tax ID  (EIN) is not impacted when you have club members in one or more state.    Your club should define within your partnership agreement which state the club  is being formed in.   Normally this is the state in which most or all of the members reside, but it doesn't have to be.  Then check with that state to see if investment clubs are required to register with the state and what future tax returns, if any, your partnership will have to file.   For more information you might want to review another article I wrote at
Thanks for using bivio and best of success with your new club!
Jerry Dressel
St.Louis, Missouri