Compufest 2000 - Personal Reflections
I thought it might be interesting for readers of this column to get a look at Compufest 2000, which was just held in Albuquerque, through my eyes. Understand that this is strictly how the affair struck me. It is not intended to be an impartial overview of the entire affair.
First, a little background. A few years back, I was a WebOp for NAIC. This means that I was one of many volunteers who maintain the NAIC website at
During the course of my work as a WebOp, I came into contact with many very talented people, dedicated to NAIC investing principles. After I resigned from my WebOp duties, I have still maintained email correspondence with many of them, but, with the exception of Jerry Dressel, my partner-in-crime here, I had never met any of them face to face.
So, it was very special for me to meet, in person, Judith Russ Leon and Larry Warren, both of whom provided a lot of support for me in my WebOp days. They have also provided a lot of support to others, by evidence of the fact that they are both winners of the Kenfield-Burris Online Service Award, Larry just this year.
Other luminaries encountered and enjoyed were Joe Craig, Pam Wright, the Traubs, Diane Graese, Mark Robertson, Bob Butler, Cy Lynch and the list goes on and on.
bivio people were out in force. Jerry was there with his wife and two daughters. Rob and Joanne Nagler were very much in evidence, as was Phyllis Pawlovsky. I was fortunate enough to get in a few words with Candis before she had to rush back to attend to her injured son. She was greatly missed.
bivio hosted the Investment ClubHouse, where we demoed our software, along with that of our partner, Buy and Hold. A highlight for me was when I found myself doing a demo for Betty Sinock, famous treasurer of the Beardstown Ladies. She seemed very interested in the presentation.
I enjoyed the presentations that I was able to attend. One might be of special interest to trez_talk readers. Kurt Kowitz, of NAIC, led a session on Getting More out of Online Clubs. He did mention bivio several times, although he also stated that he had not visited our site for a while. His presentation was interesting, but I kept thinking as he switched back and forth between windows for messages, files, accounting, etc, why go to all that bother, when you can do it all right within bivio?
Indeed, I saw nothing at the conference that compared to bivio, and I came away with a good feeling about the company and software that I am associated with.
Not exactly an unbiased view, but that's my story and I'm stickin' to it <g>
Rip West
Ridgway, CO