bivio and your club tax return
A bivio user recently asked.....
.....What can you tell us about bivio and their tax reports??  
bivio offers you a FREE and complete partnership tax return, including Form 1065, Form K-1 and all other required schedules.   Your club tax return is created online by  bivio using your club data.  The return is produced  in the Adobe PDF format.  Once downloaded and displayed on your computer, using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, it is a simple process to print the required number of copies and to submit the appropriate forms  to the IRS and to club members.
Shortly after the first of each year your club treasurer will  find everything they need to complete your clubs previous years tax return in your club's area of bivio by clicking on Accounting > Taxes.
Thanks for using bivio!
Jerry Dressel
St.Louis, Missouri