Attention - ATT and AWE stockholders!!!!
There has been many questions of late in association with transactions related to ATT (T) stock.   In some cases shareholders have mistaken which of the following two transactions they've participated in.   The first transaction was strictly a voluntary transaction.   In other words, those who did not participate in the first transaction did participate in the second transaction.   It is important to recognize which transaction is applicable to your club, as an ATT shareholder, and enter the transaction appropriately in bivio or whatever accounting software that you use.
In May/June 2001 ATT made a voluntary offering to exchange T shares for AWE (AT&T Wireless tracking shares).    This exchange was offered at 1.176 AWE for each share of T.   More details are available at....,1354,3759,00.html .     It is important to realize that even though ATT calls this a spin-off, the investor exchanged their shares of T for shares in AWE.   In your accounting software simply treat this as though T was merged into AWE.

Subsequently, AT & T then decided to "redeem AT&T Wireless tracking shares (NYSE:AWE) and convert the shares into AT&T Wireless common
stock, on a one-for-one basis" (,1354,3858,00.html ) .   In other words, they've now decided to simply make AWE a stand alone company rather than a tracking stock.   In my opinion, since the exchange of the tracking shares for the common stock is 1 for 1, there is no accounting impact for those shareholders who previously exchanged their T into AWE shares.
On July 9th the remaining shares of AWE held by AT&T were spun-off to those who did not take part in the earlier exchange and remained as AT&T shareholders as of the June 22, 2001 record date.  This July 9th transaction should be entered into bivio as a Spin-off.   For specific instructions please see....
Jerry Dressel
St.Louis, Missouri