Accounting Software for Investment Clubs
From the Trez_Talk mailbag...
Our club is organizing and we have all the legal/tax stuff done. Accounting software is our next priority. Can you recommend software from a company  other than NAIC which costs  $ 211.00 for non Members ?
Sure!   You can do your accounting right here on bivio.   And it's FREE!     Simply go to  , register your club, and begin entering and maintaining your accounting and tax records right online using bivio's free online accounting software.    As  a matter of fact, bivio will also help you create and print the federal tax forms that you need to submit to the IRS and to your partners each year.
If you haven't yet, try bivio accounting in the Demo Club.   Simply go to and click on "Accounting" on the Icon Bar just to the right of bivio.   From there you are free to work with cash account, investment, and member records to see first hand everything that bivio can do for you!
Jerry Dressel
St.Louis, Missouri