Concierge Service

We provide unlimited support on the operation and use of our software. However, there are times when some of you want or need a little extra accounting help. When you do, we are pleased to offer our accounting Concierge Service.

Purchase Concierge Service hours and you'll be able to schedule a time to work with a bivio support specialist. They will work with you one on one to help you resolve your accounting issues.

$150/hour, 2 hour minimum initial purchase, hours purchased in advance

For example, you can use our concierge service when you need help to:

  • Reconcile your bivio records so they agree with your brokerage records
  • Make more difficult or unusual accounting entries such as withdrawals, corrections of withdrawal mistakes, expense reimbursements, advanced payment entries etc.
  • Make adjustments for dividends reclassified on 1099 forms at tax time
  • Make corrections in historical entries to correct current year cost basis
  • Adjust lot selection in bivio if FIFO not used when making trades
  • Update cost basis and member tax basis to accountant numbers for investments in partnerships
  • Straighten out issues related to repeated wash sales or wash sales in accounts with multiple lot purchases
  • Make gift transfer entries
  • Make entries to straighten out incorrect withdrawal payments
  • Correct the cost basis for DRIP investment lots
  • Assist with lot selection edits when the same investments are held in more than one account.
  • Assist clubs with the disbanding process
  • Assist in other non-standard accounting entries

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Concierge hours are non-refundable and expire 1 year from purchase.