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Here are some of the reasons investment clubs like yours prefer bivio to other investment club accounting options.

  1. Automatic links to many popular investment club brokers through our AccountSync feature:


  2. bivio is your lowest cost option for doing investment club accounting and tax preparation

  3. bivio accounting experts research and make proper cost basis adjustment entries for you when reorganizations (splits, spinoffs, mergers etc.) happen. You do not have to figure out and make complicated entries manually
  4. bivio handles wash sale entries so taxes are prepared correctly
  5. bivio has the most knowledgeable support staff
  6. bivio offers a version which allows you to track options trades and short sales correctly
  7. bivio has the best users
  8. bivio offers your club the ability to earn discounts on your annual subscription fees with the only industry referral program open to all

    bivio Bucks Program

  9. bivio provides a way to pull your club portfolio directly into Manifest Investing (subscription required) and Yahoo Finance (free) portfolio pages
  10. bivio keeps your data available to you in an open export format. We do not lock up or hold your data hostage if your subscription expires
  11. bivio lets all authorized users access your club information at any time. You don't have to worry about your records being lost because someones computer crashes.
  12. bivio accounting experts stay on top of income tax law changes that might impact your club so you can make sure you are always handling your tax requirements correctly.
  13. bivio provides Ticker Research Pages that take you to a huge amount of free information you can use to analyze stock selections

    Ticker Research Page

  14. bivio supports an active community where regular tips on running your club, doing your club accounting and selecting investments are provided and discussed

    Club cafe

  15. bivio provides suggestions for topics of interest to use for educational sessions in your investment club meetings

    Club Meeting Meeting

  16. bivio provides you with a demo club where you can see actual accounting entries made and described:

    Demo Club

  17. No affiliation with any specific organization is required to use bivio or benefit from our low pricing.

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