Is Your Investment Club Interested in International Investments?
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International Investing

Sharon McCallisterIs your club interested in international investments?

Does your portfolio need an equity makeover?

We are pleased to have a guest speaker for the bivio March Club Meeting Meeting on March 8 at 8:30PM ET. Sharon McAllister will be joining us to discuss international investing with you. Sharon has an accounting and computer science background and has been an active investor for over 25 years. She has also been an active volunteer for several groups which provide resources and education for individual investors and investment clubs.

The United States represents 30% of the world market capitalization. If you only invest within the US you may be ignoring a world of opportunities. Broaden your investment horizons by learning about the many ways you can approach international investing. You'll learn about global trends and growth opportunities as well as special risks associated with international investments and how these same benefits and risks may impact multi-national corporations.

Sharon will be discussing:

  • Global trends and growth opportunities
  • Benefits of international exposure
  • Top concerns that may go bump in the night
  • Five ways to invest and the associated transaction costs for each of them:
    • US multi-nationals
    • Exchange Traded Funds, ETFs
    • Mutual Funds
    • American Depositary Receipts, ADRs
    • Foreign securities that trade on other country's exchanges

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