The bivio Tax Program Is Now Available
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When the weather outside is frightful....

Stay inside where it's warm!

If you need indoor activities to keep you occupied, we have just the thing. If you have your 1099's and have verified your club records are accurate, it's time to prepare your investment club taxes.

The bivio federal tax program and the state tax programs for CO, PA, NY and NJ have been released.

You can find the steps to go through to use them if you go to Accounting>Taxes.

There are six steps you will be completing. The first two are shown when you go to the Taxes page. As you complete each one, the next one will appear. It is important to complete them all to make sure your tax returns are correct.

You can find a complete description of the process you go through to prepare your club taxes here:

Preparing Your Investment Club Taxes
How About California Taxes?

The California tax people are moving slow this year so the California tax program is not yet available. Find out more about this here:

California State Taxes

We'll be sure to let you know when it is!

See you online!
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