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Time to prepare your club taxes.

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Tax Programs Have Been Released!

We slogged through big changes in the US tax code and delays getting information because of government shutdowns, but we've finally been able to finish and test the tax program so you have it to use to prepare your club Federal tax forms. You can find the program if you go to Accounting>Taxes

We've also released the state programs for CO, CA and PA. We are still awaiting approval for the programs for NJ and NY.

Tax Preparation Instructions

The presentation and webinar on preparing your taxes is available here:

How to Prepare Your 2018 Investment Club Taxes

The video is broken down by steps in the process so you can easily refer to the apporpriate one if you have questions as you work through them.

State Tax Filing

Make sure to double check your state tax filing requirements here:

State Tax Requirements

Some have changed since last year.

If you need to file state taxes in a state we don't provide a program for, we offer this very cost effective option for doing so:

State Tax Return Preparation

Fiing Due Date

Your 2018 investment club tax forms need to be filed by March 15, 2019.

If you will not be able to get them filed by March 15, make sure you file for an extension before then. Here is how to do that:

Filing an Extension

If you need to file state taxes, make sure you also file an extension with them.

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