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Club Meeting Meeting-Cash Flow

Cash flow can give you clues to future earnings that you won't get from an income statement. Research has shown that discrepancies between cash flow information and income statement accrual based information can provide meaningful insight into future stock returns. If you're interested in learning more about cash flow, join us Thursday, June 9 at 8:30PM ET for the June Club Meeting Meeting where it will be the subject of our educational topic.

Cash flow statements are one of the basic financial reports. We'll help you get oriented so you'll be able to use them to find some simple and useful pieces of information. We'll use recent Sysco cash flow statements as an example of the type of "story" you can put together by making comparisons between cash flow and the earnings numbers from the income statement you may be more familiar with.

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Quest For Positive Relative Returns

Are you interested in seeing how your club is doing compared to other bivio clubs? If you are, you might be interested in joining the bivio Quest for Positive Relative Returns.

Here's a recent discussion of the results of clubs who have already joined:

Quest for Positive Relative Returns Status May 1, 2011

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