Learn Something New! Free Opportunities for Your Club
Learn Something New

Does watching the market craziness get you down?

Do something positive that will make you feel like you are moving forward.

Invest some time in learning something new. You can't go wrong expanding your horizons. September is a great time of year to do that.

Here are some suggestions. They're online, they're free and everyone is invited.

Learn About Managing Your Portfolio

Manifest Investing offers two monthly online presentations focused on managing Club portfolios. You can register for them here

Sept. 20, 2011-8:30PM Challenge Club

The Manifest Investing Challenge Club is a virtual online bivio club that manages a portfolio using Manifest Investing techniques. Everyone is invited to attend. You can just listen or you can participate in the discussion. All you have to contribute is your interest and you're guaranteed to have some fun and take away some new ideas.

Sept. 27, 2011-8:30PM Dashboard Diagnostics

Each month Mark Robertson from Manifest Investing reviews the portfolio of a real bivio investment club. Each club portfolio is different and each one tells a unique and interesting story. In a fun and non-judgmental way, Mark discusses them and gives everyone attending some new ideas to think about . Everyone who has participated in or attended the webinars so far has been glad they did.

Register Now!

Learn About Trading Options

Is your club interested in trading options?

If so, bivio club member Paul Madison will be giving a webinar on September 25 at 9PM ET that you are invited to attend.

The webinar is titled "Covered Options: A Tool for the Fundamental Investor" and is sponsored by InvestEd Inc. Paul will demonstrate how covered calls and cash-secured puts can augment a fundamental investor's toolbox. You can find out more information and Register here. Space is limited, so sign up today.

Don't forget, for clubs who want to trade options, our unique ActivePartnership(TM) service provides what you need to do your accounting. bivio is the only investment club accounting product that offers such a service.

Learn More About Your Club Operations

At the bivio Club Meeting Meeting in September we talked through a sample club Partnership Agreement and tried to answer many of the questions you had about your own agreements. You can review the sample agreement and discussion of each item, here:

Sample Partnership Agreement

For October, we'll be discussing your Operating Procedures. We'll be meeting online at 8:30PM on Thursday, October 6. Register Now! Let us know any specific questions you have when you register and we'll make sure we answer them.

Learn How You're Doing Compared to Other Clubs

Your Quest For Positive Relative Returns graphs have been recently updated. If you haven't joined yet, it's not too late. As a participant, you too will be able to see how your club is doing over time compared to a benchmark and to other bivio clubs. We'll provide you with a graph like this so you can start monitoring yourselves:

Quest for Positive Relative Returns

Email us at support@bivio.com and we'll make the graph for you. It's one of the special perks that comes with being a bivio club. We want you all to be successful investors!


See you online!

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