Check Your Cost Basis Now

We're well into 2018 already and it's a good time to do some checking that will help your 2018 tax season go smoothly.

If you've sold any stocks so far in 2018, compare the cost basis details shown on the bivio Capital Gain and Loss report for each lot you sold against a "Realized gain/loss" report you can get from your broker that shows the same details.

If there are any differences, there's lots of time to work out why and get them fixed now. That will help you to avoid any delays getting your taxes done in early 2019.

There's no reason to wait till next year when you get your 1099 forms to find problems and address them.

Here's a little presentation showing you what you need to do:

How to Check Your Cost Basis and Capital Gains In bivio

Laurie Frederiksen
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