GE Vernova spinoff
This may be related to the TDA transition, but our club held GE and in our Schwab (and TDA before transition) shows 7 shares of GE Vernova however Bivio isn't showing them. We purchased an additional 7 shares which do show up. In Schwab the ...
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Edward Jones New Fee Schedule
Have any Clubs that use Edward Jones been informed about the new price structure for fees for buying and selling? We went to make a trade and were told our $25.00 fee was no more, and in its place, was a new structure for fees ...
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Robinhood or E*Trade vs. Schwab
Could anyone who uses either Robinhood or E*Trade (with JP Morgan) please comment on their experience with either of these brokers? Our club transitioned from Ameritrade to Schwab in November and we are not comfortable with the changes. Specifically, Are these brokers, Investment Club friendly? ...
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SEC and Charles Schwab
Has anyone pursued a complaint with the SEC about the roadblocks investment clubs are experiencing with Schwab? Our club disbanded, and we can't figure out how to get our money from them. It seems an SEC investigation would get their attention.
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Annual rate of return
Does bivio show the annual rate of return for each stock? I know it shows the annualized rate , but I believe they are different.
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Sorry to bother you, are you avaiIabIe on emaiI on for a few minutes? Can't caII! Thanks, Marcia
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BetterInvesting membership expense?
Can a club put BetterInvesting membership expenses in the club account or should those be paid outside the club accounting? Our club would like every member to be able to create SSG reports for evaluating companies. The cost of the BetterInvesting Core Plus Membership is ...
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NJ webfile problems
There have been some changes to the NJ website for filing the NJ-1065 return. I haven't been able to test it fully yet, but it seems to have addressedA many of the problems and simplified the process. If you haven't filed your NJ return yet, ...
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NJ filing problems
If anyone is still having a problem filing their NJ-1065 return, please email support immediately and I will file an extension for your club. Deadline is midnight EDT and I will be online this evening looking for emails. Ira Smilovitz
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NJ Partnership Return - Website is updated
It looks like the website has been updated to allow us to file our NJ Partnership Returns online. We are no longer getting an error message. But I/we could use a new set of instructions on how to navigate the new site.
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turbotax and club disbanding
My club is closing, which changes how you input data into Turbotax. There are large capital losses that do not appear on the K-1 under 8 or 9a. They occur because the beginning capital account in section L of the K-1 is larger than the ...
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Processing withdrawals with stock transfers at Schwab- help!
Has anyone successfully transferred stock from their investment club account to a club partner that is withdrawing? Our brokerage account is currently at Schwab , previously Ameritrade. We completed the transfer forms as instructed initially by Schwab , only to be informed by Schwab after ...
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Our club is disbanding. There are discrepancies in a stock purchase in 2002 and 2003 between Bivio and our broker, Edward Jones. At the time those trades were made, we were with TD Waterhouse. In both cases the Bivio dollar price was rounded off and ...
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Member Withdrawal
Our club has been in existence since June 2020. I had issues opening up our checking account up until recently (I was given the run around on what was needed to open the account in the past). I was able to successfully open our checking ...
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K3 needed
I have a member asking for a K3 now. Our club had less than $300 of interest from foreign investments so k3s not generated when we did our club return. How can I supply the k3 now? Seems I saw something in the past about ...
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