Club-Friendly Brokerages
Our club loves bivio as well. Our brokerage is Etrade and we're very satisfied dealing with them.

Linda Macdougall
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We are very happy with BIVIO software, sevice, and fellow members.

We could not imagine having the club without BIVIO, and all the knowledge of the members and the expertise of the BIVIO support team.

Thanks BIVIO Team.

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I would like to submit a supportive statement in regards to Bivio as well.  During the time that I served as financial partner for our partnership they have been very accessible, knowledgeable and responsive to all situations brought to them.
Thank you, Ann Merrick
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That may be true if you are doing it strictly online but not if you consider some of the others.  Edward Jones has been nothing but cooperative with my club for 19 years.  AS I READ ALL OF THE DCOMPALINTS O0N Bivio, I am really glad that I can call and get a real person—financial advisor or her secretary


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Yes please.

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Carol, here is Mary Jo's response to my original question.

"TD Ameritrade. We just started our club and they were the
only brokerage firm that would open an investment club
account for us."

Did you also need a copy of my original question?